Earn a huge 50% commission on every single sale, plus 50% recurring for each month that your referred customer remains a member of HorseCashBuilder

​We use Clickbank, a very safe and secure sales platform which guarantees that your commissions are paid in full and on time, every time.
They are a proven and trusted affiliate platform, paying commissions weekly by cheque or electronic bank transfer.

​How does it work?

- Sign up for a free account at Clickbank - click here
- During the signup process you will receive a "Clickbank ID".
- Simply replace the xxxxx in the following link with your Clickbank ID:


This is the link that you will promote to your friends, family, or online.
When someone clicks on that link and becomes a member of HorseCashBuilder, you automatically receive 50% of the purchase price.

It's that simple!

Clickbank will then send you 50% commission every month for as long as that member stays active.
That's the best bit, you keep getting paid for doing nothing!

​If you have any questions, please contact, and we will answer as soon as possible.

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